Problem Solver

Chris DeArmitt

Chris DeArmitt
I am famous for coming up with truly breakthrough solutions in many fields (chemistry, polymers, materials, mechanical). I can sometimes solve problems thought to be impossible.

Areas Chris DeArmitt is Knowledgeable in:

Filled Polymers / composites
Plastic additives
Surface treatments for fillers (dispersants and coupling agents)
Surface modification
Breakthrough materials
Specialty Fluids

Techniques Chris DeArmitt Uses:

Taking what would normally be a disadvantage and finding an application where it is an advantage.

I collect useful pieces of information and maintain a worldwide network of people.

I am very good at understanding and defining the real problem then filtering the potential solutions based on probability to work and feasibility (safety, cost etc.).

Chris DeArmitt's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Halloysite nanotubes
  2. Surface science
  3. POSS Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes
  4. Fillers
  5. Breakthrough materials
  6. Dispersants
  7. Surface chemistry
  8. Filled plastics
  9. Coupling agents
  10. Mineral fillers
  11. Thermoplastics
  12. Smart Plastics

Chris DeArmitt's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Innocentive Solver: Was awarded an Innocentive cash prize for finding a commercial way to make highly crystalline polymer surfaces.
  2. New additives: Invented new high temperature dispersants for particles and nanoparticles which received the coveted R&D 100 Award.
  3. New safety device: I invented and patented a new thermochromic handle for use inside dishwashers to warn when the dishes are still too hot to touch.
  4. Innocentive Solver: Was awarded a cash prize for a challenged entitled "Fast-Absorbing Pop-Up Material".
  5. Innocentive Solver: Was awarded an Innnocentive cash prize for creating a sodium free baking powder.
  6. Innocentive Solver: Was awarded an Innocentive cash prize for a challenge related to water soluble or dispersible fillers with special properties.
  7. Invention Payment: When I worked for Electrolux / Frigidaire I was paid over $6000 for an invention which allowed the manufacture of polypropylene with exceptional scratch resistance.
  8. New material invention: I invented a totally new type of smart polymer which reversibly changes opacity with temperature. The material was patented and is being commercialized.
  9. New tableware glaze: During my first job at the Cookson Group, I invented a new tableware glaze with lower cost and safer ingredients than any existing product. The material was shown to work on the pilot plant.
  10. Solving significant production problem: When I worked at BASF's headquarters I solved their longest standing production problem which had plagued them for 30 years. They has spent over 3 million Euros trying to solve the problem over the years. My solution was verified in production and several patents resulted.
  11. New additives: I invented a family of flow aids to improve the processability of high temperature polymers like PEEK, PEI, PPS etc.. These new products won the prestigious R&D 100 award in 2009.
  12. New material invention: During my PhD studies I discovered a new water soluble electrically conductive polymer.