Problem Solver

Diego Soroa

Diego Soroa

Areas Diego Soroa is Knowledgeable in:

New applications for technology, new concepts,

Techniques Diego Soroa Uses:


Diego Soroa's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Design thinking. Freelance consultancy and Concept design. Redefinition/ visualization of system architecture for innovation
  2. Creativity applied to social innovation: Social Hardware : public space + cyberspace instalations.
  3. Creativity applied to social innovation (new products and new applications for technology)
  4. Architeture and Urban Design

Diego Soroa's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Redefining creative processes at Catalonyas Television TV3 Design Department in Barcelona.
  2. Won twice in the International Disonancias Competitions.
    (Bilbao, 2006 and Barcelona 2008)
  3. Won the Young Entrepenour of the Year Award in Bilbao 2006.
  4. Design a concept for trainway security.
  5. Designed a Media Facade for Bilbao Exhibition Centre, BEC ! International Fair Centre and a Participatory Media Façade in Bermeo, Spain.
  6. Design new concepts for Interactive Urban Screens.
  7. I am presently investigating the neurophysiologyof creativity