Problem Solver

Dieter H. Sommer

Name your problem and ask yourself first: What happens if my problem is not solved? If the answer is "nothing", stop thinking or working on possible solutions.Otherwise you start on a "new hobby" and become a "worrier"!

Areas Dieter H. Sommer is Knowledgeable in:

See"My problem solver skills" above mentioned

Techniques Dieter H. Sommer Uses:

Process centered thinking and methods to employ results into practice, performance consulting and supervision in practice.

Dieter H. Sommer's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. TQM-Management, KAIZEN, CRM, Processing and GROUP WORK

Dieter H. Sommer's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have worked with groups (large and small) to develop methods for problem solving within their industries and field of employment. Quality starts with quality thinking and begins with changes of attitudes. This to accept by the participants of work groups/leaders/ management has been the goal/aim of my activities. Thus following performance consulting and supervision.