Problem Solver

Donald Jack

Donald Jack

Areas Donald Jack is Knowledgeable in:

medical devices, molecular biology, microbiology, infectious disease, cellular transport, bioinformatics, transmembrane proteins, signal transduction.

Techniques Donald Jack Uses:

I draw on my 12 years experience and extensive knowledge and experience in Microbial Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Microbiology along with skills I have gained from working with world renowned scientists, such as Dr. Francios Verrey, Dr. Milton Saier and others. I am a naturally curious scientist with a passion for problem solving. My background also includes skills in cGMP compliance, process transfer and product support.

Donald Jack's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Expert in Molecular Microbiology
  2. Bioinformatic Data Analysis
  3. Biosafety Level 3 Certification
  4. Process Transfer (Research to Manufacturing)
  5. cGMP
  6. Nucleic Acid Hybridization Technology

Donald Jack's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I invented a pseudo-target synthetic RNA used to calibrate and fine tune our company's major product lines.
  2. I used bioinformatic analysis and traditional molecular biology and biochemistry to discover and then characterize the smallest member of the multi-drug resistance family (SMR) from Bacillus subtilis. My work was published in Microbiology and Bacteriology.