Problem Solver

Doug Kristof

I have become an expert at failure analysis due to an unorthodox ability to envision how things should work.

Techniques Doug Kristof Uses:

I try to see the entire picture of the system involved to determine what most likely is malfunctioning based on the nature of the initial peril. I hava a multi-tasking mindset that reviews several scenarios simultaneously.

Doug Kristof's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Applications Engineer
  2. Proficient with determining the extent of damage to a system based on the cause of the failure.
  3. Proficient in controlling disaster sites by quickly analyzing local talent
  4. Proficient with all types of electrical equipment
  5. Experience researching cause and origin and extent of damage
  6. Recognized expert witness in federal, state, and local court systems
  7. Ability to lead diverse teams through complex projects from concept to satisfactory completion
  8. Creative and innovative problem solving capability
  9. Proficient fire investigator

Doug Kristof's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Determined that water was the cause of failure and not an electrical problem at an apartment complex.
  2. Determined that multiple machinery failures were due to sabotage and not natural causes.
  3. Determined that fire was the result of lost grounding and not the improper attachment of utility power.
  4. Determined that lost data was the responsibilty of the maintenance engineers and not the installation engineers in landmark data loss trial.
  5. Determined how a different PC could be used on a large printing press at one-quarter the cost and two weeks faster than the original replacement.
  6. Determined that a constant telephone system failure was due to improper grounding and not just serendipity.
  7. Determined that a large machine tool problem was an intermittent and maintenance problem, not a serious breakdown.
  8. Rebuilt the analog controls in a church organ after a lightning strike to the bell tower.
  9. Determined cause of transformer explosion on a campus at a community college in NW Ohio.
  10. Investigated an explosion in an underground conduit system at a hospital in NW Indiana that turned out to be a steam explosion.