Problem Solver

Dr. Nita J. Maihle

Areas Dr. Nita J. Maihle is Knowledgeable in:

improving health care through better diagnostics, as well as through the development of better business models - among other things

Techniques Dr. Nita J. Maihle Uses:

Brainstorming... affirmative inquiry, etc.

Dr. Nita J. Maihle's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. extensive writing and grant writing experience

Dr. Nita J. Maihle's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed 9+ patents in the field of cancer diagnostics and biotherapeutics. I founded a cancer biology post-graduate training program. I've secured in excess of $5M in funding to support biomedical research. I've secured extramural funding in support of biomedical research training. I've cofounded local and national interdisciplinary research programs focused on cancer research and early detection of cancer. I teach yoga. I used to be fluent in Russian - now can translate written Russian/Spanish - but takes time. I've played in national tennis competitions twice. I am fluent in all aspects of molecular diagnostics. I have discovered serum biomarkers (protein) for the early detection of cancer. I have significant leadership experience in research and education administration. I could go on - hopefully this gives you a broad perspective of some of my accomplishments/skills. I'd be happy to forward a c.v., which summarizes my experience and expertise.