Problem Solver

Dwayne Myers

Practically very problem you experience has happen some where before. The solution is usually obtained by persons who have experience many problems in many fields of manufacturing. My successes have been derived from my experience of 30 years.

Areas Dwayne Myers is Knowledgeable in:

Aqueous solutions, organic reactions, fiber optic coatings (polyurethane chemistry), sulfur dye chemistry, wet analysis test development.

Techniques Dwayne Myers Uses:

troubleshooting and sucessful process introductions by using 30 years to production and QC experience in fields of pharmaceuticals, aqueous solutions, wet analysis testing, textile dye manufacturing, and fiber optic coatings.

Dwayne Myers's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. development of analytical instrument and wet analysis test methods
  2. troubleshoot chemical processes
  3. chemical process improvements

Dwayne Myers's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Developed a process to remove Cr III carcenagen (acting anti-corrossive) from cooling system used extensively by production. Instead of $100,000 disposal cost of brine solution containing Cr, I developed a chemical process to remove Cr III and allow the brine to be re-used with an organic anti-corrossive additive.
  2. Successfully completed a crtical customer contract via implementation and monitoring a 4-step process for the manufacturing of a fabric optical brightner. 55 batches produced within 6-month deadline to prevent a potential $8 million lawsuit.
  3. I successfully introduced 45 new processes into production. Required creating manufacturing instructions, in-process adjustments, process safety (HAZ-OP), and production logistics.