Problem Solver

Elisa Brussa

Areas Elisa Brussa is Knowledgeable in:

Development sustainable and customize this in maps (google maps and GIS technologis), also im interesting in add intellectual value to new technologies. hipermedia is the synthèse. For this reason , web designer and digital art because allows me to work with a sinergy of disciplines.

Techniques Elisa Brussa Uses:

adding intellectual value to new technologies

Elisa Brussa's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. customize sustanaible development of differents cities, or thematics areas (like security or turism area) in maps.
  2. digital art and multimedia skills
  3. web designer
  4. web programmer
  5. cultural and art media, cultural marketing
  6. combining panoramas, pictures, video, audio, floorplans and objects in mapa mundis (webmapping)

Elisa Brussa's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Researching I found different points of views to show a problematic area to other people. Convergent thinking and joining the different disciplines of the people we worked we created a graphic mode to analize theoric themes. That the case of Development and digital arts.
  2. Create competence in our projects doing uniques things. increment the qualitative results to find other way to understand the need of the clients, doing the same job (in a competitive market ) but in other way. Hold several levels of thinking simultaneously
  3. imagination on creating new and different projects help to increase the sells of the company, this created for us differents and potencials markets.