Problem Solver

Emmanuel Chungu

Emmanuel Chungu

Areas Emmanuel Chungu is Knowledgeable in:

Capacity building , Product development, Marketing linkages, Research, Information Sharing, Facilitating or moderating conferences or meetings, Peace building and Resource Mobilization

Techniques Emmanuel Chungu Uses:

-I use problem analysis techniques,
-undertaking research through information collection, information analysis
- Adopting best practices and popularizing them among beneficiaries
- I also use RRA, URA (Rapid Rural Appraisal and Urban Rapid Appraisal)
-I also use PRISM Project Cycle Methodology ( focusing on beneficiaries participation.

Emmanuel Chungu's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. interpersonal i have been trained on conflict resolution management and peace building skills
  2. psychology i have a advanced diploma in social work which has a component on psychosocial counselling of victims of various vi
  3. Soceity one component of my study for a diploma in social work was community mobilization, organization development process for
  4. Wastemanagemnt i have done alot of short courses in conducting research, utilization of waste and management
  5. Agriculture- Certificate in agrofood processing,various certificates in businessmanagemnt and entreprenuership training of tr
  6. Legal am a certified paralegal drafting legal documents and able to link victims to relevant litigation institutions for help

Emmanuel Chungu's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. -I built up a strategy for product development by building capacity of 60 agI as began small scale farmers who have penetrated the local market in my country Zambia
  2. - I developed a mechanism to reduce poverty at household level by utilizing local available resources called PRISM( Poverty Reduction Integrated System Mechanism and so far 200 rural households are undergoing capacity building on the use of the mechanism
  3. I developed a resource mobilization strategy which raised organization income of four local NGOs to reduce donor dependence
  4. i have developed a community mechanism to promote village banking and capital assets acquisition using a peer method to improve the income and reduce borrowing appetite among civil servants
  5. I have developed a nutritional formula using Moringa Tree an indigenous tree which is boosting immunity among HIV/AIDS patients yet to be patented but the process has began