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Earle Hager

Earle Hager
Panidea is a global network of senior managers with extensive experience in business and technology. We provide technology commercialization services to organizations seeking expertise from the marketplace. At Panidea, we believe the evaluation of technology is the beginning of the business development process. We fill this process through training programs, evaluation processes, and business development expertise. If you are interested in the types of projects we have managed previously, please see our blog at

We provide a process for the evaluation of technologies and determine the best direction for the technologies, including establishment of direction for the technologies and the decision of where to go next. It’s the definition of ‘Next’. Many players in this space enter the discussion with a pre-conceived solution – venture capital organizations, licensing organizations, economic development groups – and will reject technologies which do not fit their model. We seek to find the model which best suits the technology. We will leverage our contacts in the commercial space to find the right partners for your organization.

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