Problem Solver

Edward Melcarek

Edward Melcarek
Sono-Dyne provides Research and Development protocols and resources. We bring your ideas into reality by providing cost effective solutions to your Scientific & Apparatus Design problems. Having over 30 years experience in contract R&D, our knowledge resources can be brought to bear to solve your problems.

Areas Edward Melcarek is Knowledgeable in:

Radio Frequency technology;
Machine Design:
Manufacturing Processes:
Physics experiments:

Techniques Edward Melcarek Uses:

Statics, dynamics, strength of materials, Electronics, Controls design, etc.
With software: AutoCad & Inventor 2008 / Comsol Multiphysics / Maple 13,
MapleSim 3, / Origin 8 & MS Word,,,, + use of natural Wetware.

Edward Melcarek's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Prototyping; Fabrication / Validation
  2. Design of Electronics.
  3. Design of apparatus, machinery and controls.
  4. Design of experiments,

Edward Melcarek's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Method for Addition of Powdered Salt. Electro-static confinement of fines.
    Method to Measure Resistance Forces in Painting.
    Electrostatic Dust Control Method.
    Improved Adhesion to Food Substrates method.
    Tray Transfer Autoclave Conveyor.
    Silicon Based Solvent Recovery Method.
    Reducing Fat in Fried Vegetable Method.