Problem Solver

Edward Sager

Areas Edward Sager is Knowledgeable in:

Law (disabilities, bankruptcy, personal injury, appeals, immigration, litigation support, legal research and writing, business plan authoring, usage of media/graphics/visuals to convey complex ideas/plans.

Techniques Edward Sager Uses:

Research, analysis, mathematical equations, speech recognition software (to streamline processes), latest and near-latest technologies, utilization of national and international groups to acquire opinions/support/documentation, planning step-by-step processes for getting from problem to desired resolution.

Edward Sager's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Intuitive/observant with individuals.
  2. Legal Research and Writing
  3. Detailed Financial Analyses
  4. Empathetic/sympathetic with those suffering mental illness.

Edward Sager's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I researched and wrote a legal brief allowing a set of grandparents to terminate the parental rights of the putative father without additional notice and to gain custody of the grandchild from the mother with the possibility of adoption within 5 years.
  2. I researched and wrote a legal brief allowing for post-filing debts incurred in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to be paid through the Chapter 13 Plan.
  3. I created a static, searchable offline forum installed to a CD/DVD utilizing MySQL, Perl, PHP, and Apache.
  4. I created an updateable, searchable offline forum installed to a USB thumb drive utilizing MySQL, Perl, PHP, and Apache.
  5. I created a system with which attorneys can submit appellate briefs to appellate courts via CD/DVD.
  6. I researched and wrote an article showing the disparity between mental health insurance coverage and (for lack of a better term) "normal" medical health insurance coverage.
  7. I researched and wrote a legal brief showing that an otherwise ineligible personal injury claim, barred by the applicable statue of limitations, could still file such a lawsuit against the at-fault entity.
  8. Created PDF forms to be distributed via Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 and receive responses to streamline the completion of necessary legal forms.