Problem Solver

Einar Thor Kolbeinsson

Einar Thor Kolbeinsson
Just ask and you will get answers.

Areas Einar Thor Kolbeinsson is Knowledgeable in:

Photography (both film and digital). Guns and Ammunution (rifles and shotguns). Stamps (collecting). Signmaking (vinyl cutting and plotting).

Techniques Einar Thor Kolbeinsson Uses:

Computers. Cars. Trucks. Electric tools for home and garage use. Most mecanical problems in home appliances. Stamp collecting.

Einar Thor Kolbeinsson's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I am a master of auto-mechanics. I run a small PC and software service. 5 year exp. teaching at the local tradeschool.

Einar Thor Kolbeinsson's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I can easily teach computerservice and problem solving. I have worked with and around computers since 1992. I had my masters in auto-mechanics 1988 and worked in that field for 16 years. My speciality is auto electrics.
    I worked as a teacher in the local tradeshool for 5 years and teached mechanics and computer-technics (software use). My main software has always been MS Office and I am quite experinced using it. I am a good problemsolver in most fields af tradework.