Problem Solver

Elie Wolfe

When I accept a problem requiring solution I throw myself wholeheartedly into it, working for days on nothing else, eating lunch while working and staying up late into the night tweaking ideas.

Techniques Elie Wolfe Uses:

For mathematics and physics I employ computer simulations and algebraic analysis aided by Mathematica and similar systems. I research computer problems on the internet, but mostly develop solutions based on my understanding of the nature of the hardware/software involved. I also frequently consult textbooks at public and university libraries, including in recreation.

Elie Wolfe's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Science and Mathematics Education
  2. Physics Research
  3. Computer Repair
  4. Computer Algebra Systems

Elie Wolfe's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Redesigned the physics lab curriculum at Yeshiva University to increase both student understanding and reduce operational cost.
  2. Published analytical solutions to constrained tense liquids.
  3. Repaired many computers deemed irreparable by other technicians.
  4. Contributed to Riemann Zeta Function research.
  5. Networked macs and PCs using self-assembled open source projects.