Problem Solver

Fanuel Odeka

Fanuel Odeka
I do believe that i can solve the problems falling within the areas mentioned above

Areas Fanuel Odeka is Knowledgeable in:

chemisrty and waste management

Techniques Fanuel Odeka Uses:

The material was crushed into fine powder then aloow the untreated efluent to pass through it, the dye will be absorbed and the clear solution can be channeled to the river.

Fanuel Odeka's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. chemist

Fanuel Odeka's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. there was a problem where by the industries around were disposing their efluent direct to the Nairobi river without removing the dyes first and this was preventing oxygen from reaching the acquatic animals. I solved it through using a localy available material to absorb the dye first such that efluent is clear.