Problem Solver

Gavin Poynton

Come say hi.. As an entrepreneur and having worked for a variety of tech startups I have more experience than my very short descriptions would lead you to believe!

Areas Gavin Poynton is Knowledgeable in:

Internet and Web technologies. Renewable energy.

Techniques Gavin Poynton Uses:

Focus Realignment,Cause and Effect, affinity diagramming, UML... MANY MORE.

Gavin Poynton's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. facilitation
  2. ideation
  3. developement

Gavin Poynton's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. BSc Chemist and entrepreneur with experience of working with novel IP. I have previously worked on the development of next generation polymer electrolytes for battery technologies as well as also being involved in the development and commercialisation of several products and solutions based on searching, filtering and contextual understanding using semantic understanding from an IT perspective.