George Abraham

1. BA-Bachelors in Arts
2. MBA(Personal)-Masters in Business Administration
3. PGDHR - Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights
4. DITM- Diploma in International Trade Management
5. DIE-Diploma in Instrument Engineering
6. DSSM- Diploma in Safety & Security Management.

Professional Courses/Training-
1.Served as a Technical officer and specialized in Instruments and Weapon
related Technology. Underwent training in large Base repair workshops,Small
Arms factories,Research & Design Establishments,etc. Retired as a Major.
2. U/went Advance specialization course of 01x year on Weapons.
3. Long training of 03xyears on all Optical, Mechanical, Infra-Red, Survey
instruments,used in Defense.
4. Discontinued civil Mining Engineering & Technology course after 01 year.
5. Completed spoken French language Course.
6. Completed short Film Direction & Scriptwriting course sponsd by Mumbai Univ. 7. U/G LLB -Bachelors in Law 1st Year(Reg) from Chauhans Law college,Mumbai