Problem Solver

Gary Gathen

Gary Gathen

Areas Gary Gathen is Knowledgeable in:

all kinds of manufacturing processes and tooling.

Techniques Gary Gathen Uses:

Lean thinking, theory of constraints, six sigma, TRIZ and many of my own creations: tricknology, manufracturing, solostorming, menschmarking, leanfrogging, waste addition method. I am also proficient in value stream mapping, pareto charting, cellular manufacturing and others.

Gary Gathen's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. productivity improvement
  2. transfer dies
  3. progressive dies
  4. material handling
  5. value stream mapping
  6. process mapping
  7. technical writing
  8. cryptanalysis
  9. discrete event simulation
  10. tool and die engineering
  11. sheet metal stamping
  12. plant layout
  13. lean manufacturing
  14. lean thinking
  15. process engineering
  16. plastic molds
  17. stamping
  18. machinist
  19. mechanical engineer
  20. industrial engineer
  21. tool and die designer
  22. tool and die maker
  23. theory of constraints
  24. six sigma
  25. leadtime reduction
  26. Gantt charting
  27. manufacturing process improvement
  28. Theory of Constraints
  29. Theory of Inventive Problem Solving

Gary Gathen's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I give a variety of seminars and webinars on lean tool and die making and manufacturing processes..
  2. I have written several articles published in trade publications.
  3. I am a past service life member of the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA) and have been involved in local chapter and national committees and was a member of the Detroit Chapter board of directors for 30 years.
  4. I am deeply involved in the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and hold several titles in three technical communities and am a member of numerous tech groups.
  5. I have been involved in all aspects of tooling and manufacturing processes since 1952 on five continents, learning tricks of the trade from experts around the world.
  6. I can study a manufacturing process for a short period of time (several hours) and improve at least some aspects of the system, increasing yield.
  7. I have developed a Die Factory System which can reduce cost of tool and die making by up to 50% and lead time reduced by up to 75% employing lean manufacturing and a number of other methodologies. Tool and die includes stamping dies, plastic molds, fixtures, special machines, material handling equipment, prototypes, etc.
  8. I designed and supervised construction of a 27,000 sq ft tool and die plant in six months. It had central air conditiong, heavu cranes, and large tool and die machinery and tryout presses.
  9. I designed and build an observatory in my back yard for my telescope. It has a clam shell roof actuated by a DC powered winch with a block and tacle and a series of cables and pulleys..