Problem Solver

Gary Vardon star Proven Solver

Gary Vardon
I am innovative and like solving problems. I am accountable and will keep my word. I have an extensive scientific background lasting about 40 years counting when I entered college. I read widely. I try to be good team player.

Areas Gary Vardon is Knowledgeable in:

analytical chemistry, soils classification, circuit testing, industrial hygiene, scientific computation, using information resources to solve problems, circuit design,

Techniques Gary Vardon Uses:

I use previous experience and education, literature resources both on and off the internet, experimentation. programs, expert knowledge, calculations and technology. math,

Gary Vardon's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. martial arts, public speaking, math through differental equations, options trading
  2. soils classification, writing technical and factual, analytical chemistry, organic sysnthesis,
  3. industrial hygiene, biology, management, financial calculations, using programs circuit design

Gary Vardon's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I helped come up with solutions for organizations needing aid in using science to design products, over come obstacles, understand their situation and use technology to their advantage.