Problem Solver

Gauri Dutt Sharma

Gauri Dutt Sharma

Areas Gauri Dutt Sharma is Knowledgeable in:

Automotive Service equipment including Tyre Inflation,, fuel dispensing for factories, re-engineering on common devices, retrofitting, pharmacy automation, retail solutions, and virtually any field. My ideas are from a very diverse fields. I maintain a concept data bank of ideas. I have a good practice of design and prototyping.

Techniques Gauri Dutt Sharma Uses:

I think, I am a good observer with a technical bend of mind. My mind generates lots of ideas as real life solutions to common problems. I think differently/extraordinarily. After looking at a problem, I first write a problem statement, and thereafter write down a list of questions that need to be answered. I research on the available solutions and match them with the challenges posed in the specific problem at hand. And based on this, I define special steps and actions. My approach is scientific.

Gauri Dutt Sharma's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. patents preparation, application and prosecution
  2. DIY, Product innovation, Ideation, Mechanical prototyping, Startup mentoring
  3. Sales/BD

Gauri Dutt Sharma's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. When I visited China in 2016, my host company gave me a challenge to be solved. They were facing an overheat problem at one point, deep inside their machine and could not think of a solution. I solved their problem by suggesting a VORTEX cooling technique.
  2. In 2011, I won the Best Idea Award worth USD 20,000 at the "Composite App Challenge" sponsored by Owens Corning Inc., USA. My idea related to the use of fiber glass composites in "Shipping Containers"
  3. My dad gifted to me an old Philips Radio (larger one, I have the pic.) that used to work with old generation valve system (no transistors). It wasn,t functioning as parts were no longer available. I grew up listening to this great piece of entertainment when there were no TVs. So I wanted to revive it. My mind generated the idea of retrofitting a FM kit inside such that I could use the same controls and speaker. I succeded, and the radio is functional in the same old shape. Visitors to my home feel very excited to see it working.
  4. When I visit factories, I am a sharp observer. In the past, on an occassion, I went to a Honda motorcycle factory near Delhi in 2003/4 and in the assembly line, came across a device to fill small amount of petrol in the tanks for the drive-test phase. They were working with great risk from spills on floor and substantial loss to evaporation. I told them I can design for you a dispenser that will work with pneumatic supply (no electricity, so safe). I made a prototype ( I have the pic.) and showed to the officers. They liked, and in those days, bought dispensers for all their assembly lines near Delhi (Gurgaon & Manesar)