Problem Solver

Gavin Paterson

Areas Gavin Paterson is Knowledgeable in:

The field of People - Organisation Interaction and the environmental climate and conditional events culminating from this interaction

Techniques Gavin Paterson Uses:

Alignment Capitalisation

Gavin Paterson's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Virtual Data Platform Construction and Data Streaming
  2. Tolerance Alleviation
  3. Concentration capitalisation
  4. Person / Organisation Transaction Analysis
  5. Progress Empowerment and Indexation
  6. Effort Measurement
  7. Organisation Participation Environment Development and Climate Refinement
  8. Participation Optimisation Management
  9. Inter-organisational Participation Trade Networking
  10. Event / Environment Association Depressurisation

Gavin Paterson's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Problem identified: Failure to deploy full potential of the Human Capacity for choice results in a 75% reduction in participation generation needed for maximum individual vitality .
    Solution: Developed a specific survey reply form for initiating a Vitality Improvement program(VIP)
  2. Problem identified: Real organisational or social progress is unmeasured and indeterminable with no means to track or assess
    Solution: Advanced VIP through 7 stages to provide indexation and resource measures to answer the above questions
  3. Problem identified:There is no current ability to determine the difference between Human Value and Human Excellence.
    Solution: Developed Participative Transaction Varieties to develop an optimisable partnership between value and excellence
  4. Problem identified: human Concentration strength becomes depleted upon the implementation of data based processes
    Solution:Used VIP to supply concentration needs through developing alleviation skills that enable "assess and improve" climate refinement skills