Problem Solver

Gavin Teehan

Gavin Teehan

Areas Gavin Teehan is Knowledgeable in:

Earth Sciences
Green Energy
Business Strategies and problem solving
Health and Safety in the workplace

Techniques Gavin Teehan Uses:

cost saving
Health and Safety in the Workplace

Gavin Teehan's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Pharmaceutical - 2 years experience in tablet production , packaging, validation , sterilisationand radiation
  2. Packaging - 12 years experience in both warehousing and pharmaceutical packaging
  3. Medical Devices - I have experience in sterilising Diabetic pen needles
  4. Manufacturing - I have an excellent working knowledge in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  5. Internet - I have an avid interest with some solutions to problems
  6. Green Technology - I have an avid interest with some solutions to problems
  7. Earth Sciences - I have an avid interest with some solutions to problems
  8. Bio medical - Stem Cell and Plants
  9. Transportation - 10 years experience in Transportation for distribution and warehousing/logistic companies
  10. Robotics - 2 years experience on robotics and automated equipment

Gavin Teehan's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a Health and Safety training plan to 3 companies that saved them a lot of money in injury compensations in which those companies did not know how close they were many numerous times that their business was in jeapordy
  2. I build up a plan to progress the safety of a warehouse company to prevent falls that would seriously injure a party
  3. I suggested the use of robotic systems to replace the 43 retirees ( 37 in pharmaceutical company and 6 in Digital Tech company) and to progress our sales , fast work force ,quick and efficient ship of pharmaceutical and Technological products