Problem Solver

Gavin Tonks

Gavin Tonks
I am very creative, insightful and know how to solve solutions through creativity and the mind

Areas Gavin Tonks is Knowledgeable in:

Planning mentoring design project outline and implementation

Techniques Gavin Tonks Uses:

I use mind maps and detailed annotation regarding each process developed from my shoe designing days and then write a detailed brief with outcome and intention

Based on the nature of the project I will then research process or knowledge that is relevant and engage people with experience to fill in the gaps providing a map to the engagement and fulfillment of process required to reach the end game

However this must be tempered by the budget and available resources for the project

Gavin Tonks's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Creative design and vision
  2. Innovative ideas person with the ability to think big and unpack in small parcels
  3. Ability to use logic on most any process
  4. Intuitive

Gavin Tonks's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have worked for over thirty years in project development design and innovation beginning as a shoe designer, potter and sculptor and artist to Retail management, mentoring for a large international bank and design from products for retail chain stores to animation sets and concepts for theater and music videos

    I have worked in UK, China< Hong Kong South Africa Ireland and India and currently have developed a 65 hectare Hydroponic [controlled environment agriculture] project and a mobile health solution for an African country that is currently in process

    I am a sounding board and creative in the detail and implementation