Problem Solver

Geoffrey Goeggel

Geoffrey Goeggel
I retired this year. I'm am trying to solve the world's major problems: global warming, oil crisis, hunger, flooding.

Areas Geoffrey Goeggel is Knowledgeable in:

civil engineering....95% of the branches: sewer, water drainage, structures, site development, transportation (airports, highways, harbors),

Techniques Geoffrey Goeggel Uses:

Strong technical & education background. Think outside the box.

Geoffrey Goeggel's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. licensed structural engineer
  2. licensed civil engineer
  3. licensed land surveyor
  4. Sony Vegas 8.0
  5. Using PC effectively
  6. CorelDraw, Paint, Painter X
  7. M/S Office

Geoffrey Goeggel's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Clean Energy...Conservation PRogram to reduce consumption 20%
  2. Clean Energy...Hydrogen/Oxygen Energy society
  3. Clean Energy...BioMass.....wood fuel electricity for 5¢/KwHr
  4. Clean Energy...Concentrating Solar power electricity for 5¢/KwHr
  5. Clean Energy...HeliTube.....ocean current electricity for 5¢/KwHr
  6. Clean Energy...HeliWind.....wind electricity for 3¢/KwHr
  7. Traffic Congestion....cut traffic delays 50%
  8. 40 years as a consulting engineer...I've done thousands.
  9. Flooding....techniques to save thousands of lives/year and reduce flood damages 50%
  10. Launch vehicle...orbit for only $ 2,000/pound.