Problem Solver

George Calabrese

My creativity, as you can see from the list above is not limited to any area or discipline. I usually come up with ideas that use existing technolgies that exist but in completely different areas and in different ways.

Areas George Calabrese is Knowledgeable in:

design and redesign

Techniques George Calabrese Uses:


spreadsheets, simple CAD program

George Calabrese's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. taking an idea and improving it. mostly in fuctionality
  2. thinking outside the box in almost every area
  3. bold and different ideas ofter from completely unexpected areas
  4. partial solutions. ie. getting the thought process for a great solution started.
  5. redesign of existing products to greatly improve them or their ease of production

George Calabrese's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I've invented a food product and successfully brought it to market
  2. I've invented a transportation system concept that could revolutionize overseas transportation.
  3. I've invented a bold new rimless tire design concept that would reduce weight and manufacturing cost dramatically.
  4. I've invented a computer keyboard system concept that could be used by quatraplegics.
  5. I've successfully conceived financial strategies for mergers and acquisitions.
  6. I've conceived a time saving concept involving tax preparation and bar coding.
  7. I've conceived a concept for easily and unintrusively monitoring attendance of professionals for continuing education credits when attending conferences and meetings.
  8. I've conceived a fully automated robotic window washing unit for skyscrapers.
  9. I've conceived a way of saving the lives of children who might suffocate with dry cleaning bags.
  10. I've invented a concept for small sign and/or advertising illumination that would be super thin.