Problem Solver

George Gregoire

Areas George Gregoire is Knowledgeable in:

Microreplication and embossing ("hot stamping") of polymers, greentapes etc.
ElectroPlating, high adhesion
Electronic interconnections

Techniques George Gregoire Uses:

"Occam razor" - reduction of unnecessary steps
extreme simplification of solutions
proven creativity (many patents etc.)
I get industry luminaries up to speed, supporting my developments
15 yrs. in Marketing (to VP level) helps wed out undesirable ideas
proven Idea Man, always creative, proven over 3+ decades

George Gregoire's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. manufacturing process technology, especially microreplication, specifically imprint patterning of circuit substates

George Gregoire's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. lowered tooling costs for molding by 10X
    solved pating adhesion issues, Cu on substrates (patented)
    fundamentally new way of plating (patented)
    raised funds by developing & selling evaluation kits to sell new technol.
    cut process costs by 50% for high density circuitry (multiple issued patents)
    developed no-registration/self-registering application of resists for circuits (patented)
    developed thin-film molding in ordinary laminating press, dramatic cost reduction (patented)
    many microrepliction techniques for low-cost production of polymer articles