Problem Solver

Georgi Toshev

Areas Georgi Toshev is Knowledgeable in:

Naval Architecture,Hydrodynamics and Construction of High Speed Performance Yachts & Boats, Mechanical Engineering, Water Sports

Techniques Georgi Toshev Uses:

Electroplating,Copper Galvanization.

Georgi Toshev's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Electroplating,Copper Galvanization.

Georgi Toshev's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Preparing Projects for European Programm “LEONARDO da VINCHI”--
    Implementation of ‘HOT SPOT ‘ systems for mobile module education
  2. Engineer- Inspector—Sea Salvage --
    -Lifting of m/s “TRAKIA” from the sea bottom near cape “ATANAS”- Bulgaria.
  3. Engineer-Constructor FIRST my Workplace --- (High Speed Vessels , BOATS & YACHTS)

    Experimental Science – at cutting edge of the SHIP HYDRODYNAMICS
    Estimation and implementation of methods for predicting the high speed resistance of planning hulls, hydrofoils, hover crafts ,submerged and semi-submerged objects…
    Leading Designer of High Speed Towing Carriage --- till 72 km/h in 200 meters long towing basin.
  4. Electroplating,Copper Galvanization.

  5. Senior Constructor & Senior Technologist
    in command of instrumental and technological equipments departments
    Different metal constructions, special productions,