Problem Solver

Georgia Mihalcea

Georgia Mihalcea

Areas Georgia Mihalcea is Knowledgeable in:

entrepreneurship, small business, strategy, operations, business coaching

Techniques Georgia Mihalcea Uses:

My favorite technique is to avoid mindsets, I like very much to change my approaches all the time and to challenge conventional methods.

My technique is to ask questions from various angles, levels, perspectives; to challenge myself and the seekers, to raise the stakes of one problem, to change premises, etc.

I keep myself very open.

Georgia Mihalcea's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. complex matrix operations
  2. entrepreneurship
  3. strategic planning
  4. crisis management
  5. operations management
  6. business coaching
  7. copywriting
  8. scriptwriting
  9. tv production
  10. film production
  11. writing

Georgia Mihalcea's Problem Solving Experience: