Problem Solver

Geraldo Fonseca

Geraldo Fonseca
Actually I am a project manager for IT development for a big US fast food chain (yes, the big archs)

Areas Geraldo Fonseca is Knowledgeable in:

Software engineering, banking systems, fast food automation.

Techniques Geraldo Fonseca Uses:

Mainly research and proof of concept to new ideas.

Geraldo Fonseca's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Windows API
  2. C programmer
  3. Banking systems
  4. Fast food chain automation
  5. Software
  6. Algorithm
  7. TCP/IP

Geraldo Fonseca's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. A certain fast food chain with several POS terminals wanted to deploy software update to their thousands terminals. The deployment was ok but the application was under under user with no priviledge to install any application. I need to come up with a solution that:
    - Does not change the software
    - provide means to a low privilege application to install updates

    I did it and it is running in several stores for two years.
  2. In Citibank Venezuela there were a text application (from IBM mainframe) that controlled the account system. There were the need to provide access to customers via Internet and the web system needed to interface with the mainframe application. However there were no funding to develop an interface qith the mainframe. The solution was to emulate an operator in the IBM terminal (sharing some opened terminal) in order to grab information from the screen and present in the web based application. I was involve in define, program, test and deply the solution.