Problem Solver

German Ramirez

German Ramirez
Never fall for multiple choice. Cross "Other" even when not offered. Why?

Most people divide the world in those that see the glass half full and those that see it half empty. But none of this two options bring you any further, do they?

In reality, there are many different options: The two most obvious ones are, that either the glass is too big or there is not enough water in it.

Areas German Ramirez is Knowledgeable in:

Branding, communication, advertising, design, product development, business models, ideas, inventions ...

Techniques German Ramirez Uses:

My two favourite techniques:
1) Intuition: The most underrated tool
2) Lateral Thinking: I think it is normal, but others describe it as lateral...

My favourite technique for getting myself together >> Mind mapping

Techniques for working with others >> Brain storming, Brain writing, Loud-Thinking and - also underrated - Listening

German Ramirez's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Business development
  2. Business Analysis
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Visionary
  5. Idea generation
  6. Product Innovation
  7. Consumer Insight Generation
  8. Out of the box thinking
  9. Marketing
  10. Advertising
  11. Intercultural business relationships

German Ramirez's Problem Solving Experience:

    1999 >> Mobile marketing and SMS revenue based business model >>
    Developed one of the first European platforms for music, games and other downloads based on SMS. Got not enough venture capital, since investors were not open for the idea that SMS was not only not dead, but yet to start, and that kids were going to spend money on bad quality ringing tones for their mobiles. Some thought it was too late. It obviously was too early. Two years later the market exploded.
    1999 >> Created & developed a brand character for the brand >>
    The business was collaborative e-commerce (reverse auctions: The more who shop, the more the prices drop). The brand character consisted on an ANT. A powerfull metaphore for collective intelligence and collective power. Won an European Effie awars (price for Marketing efficiency/ROI).
    1997 >> launched the first virtual brand in Europe >>
    Concretely, launched a hair care line for male only (one of the first of its kind=innovative) available only through the internet. The brand name was Vision, the collection was "Vision@style access", and it was quite revolutionary at that time.
    2004 >> 1st TV campaign for a wine brand in the history of Polish advertising >>
    Why the first? Because it was illegal
    Why I did it? Because it was not possible
    Did it work? Amazing results. The best part: The campaign funded itself through the margin increase.
    How I did it? Well... That is a truly interesting story to be told with time and a coffee.