Problem Solver

Gerrit Staal

my efforts concern ''low tech - high think'' problems.
there is remarkable little published about ''simple panel / geometrical applications'', so it has been a real discovery tour for me to encounter solutions which are simple and often unexpected.

Areas Gerrit Staal is Knowledgeable in:

panels which need adjustments in size, position.
these adjustments can be done by folding, rotating, shifting.
important is fixation, positioning, and the required efforts for adjusting the changes

Techniques Gerrit Staal Uses:

listen to problems described by users
trial and error
model making

Gerrit Staal's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. marketing, industrial marketing of electronic components
  2. design, created AdjustTables (yes, double tT) concept.
  3. logistics, walk along the value chain
  4. relations, understand cultural differences
  5. engineering, understanding how machine and product function.

Gerrit Staal's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. i developed a patented tabletop which size is all sided adjustable.
    i developed a new hospitality table setting process, including the flexible table system.
    i developed a new hinging system for horizontal application.