Problem Solver

Gerry Gleason

Techniques Gerry Gleason Uses:

Modularity, Object Oriented Design, Pattern Languages, Synergenics, Integral Systems

We must learn to compose in the rich space of ideas handed down to us and built in collaboration with out contemporaries. I come from 30 years of systems design, but it is in my experience working in organizations and community organizing where the possibility of "process architecture" emerges. Understanding and empowering collaboration and its social structure and forces is the key to complete this explosive cycle of global innovation in a way compatible with life. Human life in particular, but really all of life and living systems.

Gerry Gleason's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Integral and cybernetic systems theory
  2. Software Engineering: whole systems design. Systems, data, web, networks, hardware, integration
  3. Process Architecture: Design with the forces of social coherence and structures of belonging
  4. IT Operations: deployment of large scale systems, process design
  5. Sailing: Catamarans and basic boat repairs
  6. Social media software, community building and software design

Gerry Gleason's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Created a perl and ssh based toolset to deploy and manage applications on hundreds of servers.