Problem Solver

Gert M Bosman

Gert M Bosman
My broad experience built as a business consultant across various industries allows me to cross-pollinate concepts between industries. I have no bias towards any specific technologies or brands and seek not only solutions, but try to find the optimum solution.

The last 20 years of my life have been characterised by constant innovation, continuous learning and developing a highly creative, but practical, mindset, consious and appreciative of business and commercial requirements.

Areas Gert M Bosman is Knowledgeable in:

Applying mixed technologies to solve real world problems
Business Opportunity Development
Implementing "difficult" projects

Techniques Gert M Bosman Uses:

Value engineering techniques (creative expansion, analytical filtering)
Lateral thinking techniques from Edward de Bono
Creative problem solving techniques from Kobus Neetling
Self-created brainstorming techniques
Self-created opportunity spotting techniques (view basic concept at )
Morhological analysis
Mathematical and econometric modelling
Group facilitation
Crowd sourcing
Basic research

Gert M Bosman's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Evaluating possible solutions
  2. Brainstorming solutions (on own or in teams)
  3. Analytical skills - numerical modelling
  4. Create meta-models (i.e. creating models about models or creating frameworks on how to create solutions)
  5. Designing methods and models
  6. Designing mixed technology solution frameworks
  7. Leveraging technology
  8. Creating business opportunities
  9. Prioritising/ranking fitness of possible solutions
  10. Provide unbiased positive critisism
  11. Needs analysis and good listening skills
  12. To develop insight into problems and influences casing problems

Gert M Bosman's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Invented single moving part hydraulic cylinder used for punching holes. No other parts are used to provide control or to retract cylinder - just constant hydrailic pressure.
  2. Developed animal mangement system to track animal information from before birth right through until the selling of the animal products (used on cattle, ostriches, buffalo etc)
  3. Conceptualised, Developed and patended a key that could only be used once to open a lock. Commercially applied.
  4. Created emergency solution (in 4 weeks) to process (in another 4 weeks) large amounts of paper based forms, handwritten notes and image copies for Government Department dealing with a highly militant group of 45 000 people
  5. Conceptualised and created a tracking solution for a national election to manage all materiel required at voting stations in an African country. Solution operated succesfully with 0% losses or unaccountibles.
  6. Conceptualised and developed BI frameworks and solutions for very diverse and large organisations (+20 000 staff)
  7. Developed Competency assessment solution to perform 360 degree evaluations in large organisations (+20 000 staff) based on paper, facilitated keypad based answering tools and web based surveys to compile proritised work place skills development plans.
  8. Conceptualised and Developed the "continuous organisational learning process" framework.
  9. Conceptualised and Created a semi-electronic voting system for use in Western Africa. Managed all elements of the technology from concept to manufacturing outsourcing.