Problem Solver

Gertjan Tijms

Gertjan Tijms
Seeking for solutions is one of the nicest things there is. I think 'all' information is already there, only you have to find the right people and connect the right minds to each other. That's why i truly believe in the power of swarm's (crowdsourcing).

Areas Gertjan Tijms is Knowledgeable in:

Strategy, Innovation, Marketing, IT, Crowdsourcing.

Techniques Gertjan Tijms Uses:

Mind mapping, 6 thinking hats (Edward de Bono), Critical Success Factors, The McKinsey 7S Framework, Porter's Five Forces, The Boston Matrix, The Ansoff Matrix, SWOT Analysis, Risk Analysis & Risk Management, Building Flow Charts, Appreciative Enquiry, Cause and Effect Diagrams, and a healthy mind.

Gertjan Tijms's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. out of the box thinking
  2. communication
  3. lifehacker
  4. getting things done
  5. idea generation
  6. innovation
  7. crowdsourcing
  8. analytical and practical thinker

Gertjan Tijms's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Reorganizing a preventive maintenance program for a hospital. Project leader
  2. Implementing quality management program. Mapping all procedures
  3. Find creative idea's for a new marketing program.
  4. Finding IT solutions for communicating in waiting rooms for a hospital.