Problem Solver

Ghenadie Rusu

Ghenadie Rusu

Areas Ghenadie Rusu is Knowledgeable in:

1. Theoretical Organic Chemistry: Route Scouting, Process Feasibility, Alternative Synthesis, Structure Determination, Cost Evaluation, Literature Analysis.
2. Experimental (on client's premises): Development of of Synthetic Routes for new compounds (impurities, metabolites, isotope labeled compounds), Reaction Optimization and Process Development.

Ghenadie Rusu's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Analysis of Organic Compounds and Structure Determination
  2. MS
  3. FT-IR
  4. Organic Chemistry, Reactions and Mechanisms
  5. Organic and Inorganic Synthesis
  6. Process Development
  7. NMR
  8. Analytical and problem solving

Ghenadie Rusu's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I proposed the single best solution to the InnoCentive challenge "Substituted Benzene"
  2. I developed new processes for the production of Tricin, MDL72527, EUK, Licofelone on multi kilo scale
  3. I developed a purification process for an API that was implemented on a pilot plant scale.
  4. I developed and managed the Chemical Catalog business for a small size Pharmaceutical Company.
  5. I designed and developed a new, non-infringing process for the synthesis of a drug on the marked for a Pharmaceutical Company.
  6. I developed and implemented a system to track the efficiency of the bench chemists.