Problem Solver

Gian Kumar

Areas Gian Kumar is Knowledgeable in:

adult education, skills for life - literacy and numearcy, NVQ's, teaching and training, devising training programmes together with easy to follow lesson plans and schemes of work.

Techniques Gian Kumar Uses:

Traget setting to achieve solving a problem, time management, devising action plans and reports of outcomes and achievements. Devise policy or procedures to prevent problem arising again.

Gian Kumar's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. qualiifed in Information Adivce and Gudiance
  2. associate teacher status
  3. Internal Verifier
  4. expert in National Vocational Qualifcations
  5. expert in using electronic portfolio systems

Gian Kumar's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. developing strategies to achieve timely completion of qualifcations.