Problem Solver

Girish Satija

I would be interested in problems relating to display solutions, wire management, low cost cooling solutions.

Areas Girish Satija is Knowledgeable in:

Materials such as wood, acrylic .

Techniques Girish Satija Uses:

Break the problem into smaller parts.
Tackle each part of the problem seperately and jointly.
Use local knowledge available
Carry out a cost benefit analysis

Girish Satija's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Business Management
  2. Prototyping retail fixtures
  3. Materials knowledge on wood, acryclic, steel and glass

Girish Satija's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. We had a brief from a client to make a display unit for eyewear in acrylic which was space efficient and could hold 60-100 units. We developed a design which required us to make 120-200 holes in 8mm thick clear acrylic sheet. We did that with laser cutting the first time. The cost of laser cutting 120-200 holes was huge. So we developed a simple low cost jig which could handle sheet size upto 4'x4' and make holes. The cost reduction was phenominal.