Problem Solver

Gonzalo Bacigalupe

Gonzalo Bacigalupe

Areas Gonzalo Bacigalupe is Knowledgeable in:

public health
conflict resolution
strategic planning
program implementation
launching of programs

Techniques Gonzalo Bacigalupe Uses:

collaborative conversations
discourse and narrative analysis
larger systems intervention
circular, reflexive, and solution questions

Gonzalo Bacigalupe's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. public health degree
  2. full time researcher
  3. intercultural and cross-cultural expertise
  4. organizational consultancy
  5. focus groups
  6. qualitative data analysis
  7. e-health
  8. family process

Gonzalo Bacigalupe's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed accreditation for a counseling program
    i created a research method to study the impact of gluten free diet on families
    I have developed models to work with teams in highly conflictual situations
    I have carry on program evaluation of a cancer clinical trial education program
    I have completed a program evaluation of a domestic violence program
    I have written policy recommendations and plans for a self-help group to carry on policy advocacy