Problem Solver

Gonzalo Pèrez Chomón

Let us approach your issue on a different side, so we may come out with a "DIFFERENT" solution.

Areas Gonzalo Pèrez Chomón is Knowledgeable in:

Electric storage, mainly batteries.
Automotive, particularly EVs.
Optimization of manufacturing process and/or products.

Techniques Gonzalo Pèrez Chomón Uses:

I do not understand this question perfectly. But here are my answers:
- If you mean about tools: What ever is available on the market that we/I can afford cost.
- If you mean about process: Study of the case with client/customer, investigate, take conclusions/questions and let them know to client/customer, start THINK processes, and start designing solutions, compare and start offering solutions to client/customer, restart process if necessary... (All done with the team or myself depending on the project)
- If you mean about brain/think/develop processes for team and myself: Brain storm, lateral thinking and global thinking.

Gonzalo Pèrez Chomón's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Project managing
  2. Battery systems designer
  3. Low risk but stunning global and/or local marketing projects developer
  4. Manufacturing systems optimitation and/or simplification
  5. Dinamic or static structure optimization

Gonzalo Pèrez Chomón's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Design of new or modify structures (chassis) for competition airplanes and helicopters, reducing weight, increasing stiffness if necessary and increasing efficiency.
    I work with a design system (Invented by my, I think) that achieve this targets by:
    - Reducing redundancy on structures and extra materials.
    - Reallocation of relatives center of gravity on dynamic chassis.
    - Changes on the drive/power trains.
  2. My actual work is to design, develop and manufacure planing, of any size battery systems for prototipe devices and production devices.
    Usually these battery systems are not for standard use (ej. phone battery) they are usually involved in very opimizted systems (ej. aeronautical) and/or in especial envoirements (ej. North Pole)
    So I can work in order to improve actual battery systems and/or design new battery systems (small or large, any technology new or old)