Problem Solver

Gourav Sarker

Areas Gourav Sarker is Knowledgeable in:

Green Technology, Renewable Energy, Decentralized Power Generation, Pollution Abatement, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Sample Testing and Analysis, Green Buildings, Environmental Impact Assessment,, Clean Development Mechanism, Ecological Engineering , Industrial Ecology, Waste Management

Techniques Gourav Sarker Uses:

conduct a basic research to identify the nature and causes of the problem, followed by a preparing a master plan to solve and provide remedies for the problem.

Gourav Sarker's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Conducting Research and preparing reports like Environmental Impact Assessment Report
  2. Microbiological , biotechnological, sample analysis and lab procedures

Gourav Sarker's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. demonstrated how Environmental Impact Assessment As a tool For decision making process- Nuclear Energy and Renewable Energy projects.