Problem Solver

Grace Mee

Grace Mee
People seeking solutions are the creative group of people who seek scientifically new ideas in a bid to unlock, solve, and improve better health and economy, and so save lives in Food-For-Peace programs through a global level technology extention with less cost, time ,and labor, but searching only environ-friendly resources with sustainable energy saving strategy.

Areas Grace Mee is Knowledgeable in:

New Plant crops variety modifications. Genetic studies and methods of biotech detections aiming to increasing overall Crop Biological and Economic Yield for Agronomic and Horticultural Food Crops procuctivity.

Techniques Grace Mee Uses:

I developed new papaya strains to reduce seeds and increase sweetness. I made out woody plants tissue culture Lab skills a success.

Grace Mee's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Field crop research, plant breeding, variety crossing in sugarcane, orchid, papaya, and woody forest plants
  2. Lab skills in Plant Genetic tissue cloning, culturing, and cytogenetic microtechniques

Grace Mee's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed and induced chromosomal / genetic mutation processes with chemical methods at cellular genome levels that led to signle-cell tissue culturing and harvesting for achieving certain potentially desirable sugarcane crop genetic variability expressions, so to increasing crop Sugar Yield, and /or with desirable traits to improving crop vigor, wind, salt, and daught resistance and also enhancing pesticides tolerance characteristics.