Problem Solver

Guillermo Beuchat

Guillermo Beuchat
Innovation-focused business Strategist
Out-of-the-box thinking to address real-world business and go-to-market problems
Well-developed skills in introducing a "fresh mind" to "spent" management or project teams

Areas Guillermo Beuchat is Knowledgeable in:

Innovation Management
Business Strategy
Operational Innovation
IT-based Innovation
Web 2.0 - based Innovation

Techniques Guillermo Beuchat Uses:

Brainstorming & webstorming
Analytical tools (SAS, Maple)
Multiple-source data collection & investigation
Web 2.0 social networks to crowdsource ideas
Portfolio Management Tools
Zero-Based Analysis
Process mapping Techniques

Guillermo Beuchat's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. IT Strategy
  2. Business Strategy
  3. IT-based Innovation
  4. Innovation Management
  5. Zero-Based Analysis
  6. Transport Fare Collection Systems
  7. Operational Efficiency
  8. Cost Reduction
  9. Go-to-Market Strategy

Guillermo Beuchat's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. PROBLEM: a 400-employee utility company (energy) needed to come up with a solution to effectively train employees and induce a cultural change, without physically moving them over the country and with limited internet access.
    SOLUTION: I came up with a new training delivery concepti called TrainingCLIPS, by which very small "doses" of knowledge are sent to all employees over email, each one with a small "clip" of content (usually a graphic plus some text plus an "interactive question", which recipientes answer by mail... a full-day seminar on innovation can be transformed into 20-25 "training clips" and delivered over a period of weeks or months, without anybody having to move out of their office or workplace. Desired knowledge is transferred to everybody with very high learning rates...
  2. PROBLEM 1: Global Mining company needed to urgently reduce 3-5% its operational cash costs in a year timeframe in its operations in Chile & Argentina
    SOLUTION: Developed a complete operational valued process map, and then applied Zero-Based Analysis methodology to question assumptions and "way of doing" in every single process. Cost reduction ideas in excess of US$ 23mm were delivered (3.6% of OPEX), leading a team of two other problem solvers with mining operation experience