Problem Solver

Gustavo Figueira de Paula star Proven Solver

Areas Gustavo Figueira de Paula is Knowledgeable in:

- Near-Infrared technology
- Fluorescence technology, including LIBS and LIF
- New analytical methods, mainly electrochemical and optical
- Sensor technology
- Nanofilms, nanofibers and nanoparticles synthesis and application
- Coffee technology
- Antimicrobial technology

Techniques Gustavo Figueira de Paula Uses:

- State-of-the-art review: scientifc journals and patent search;
- TRIZ-like thinking (a "soft" TRIZ approach);
- Scientific method of analysis - problem decomposition, evalutation and recomposition;
- One-step evolution from the state-of-the art;
- Revolution by summing small evolutions;
- Reverse thinking: from the expected solution, reverse construction of the road back to the actual situation (sub-optimal solution elimination);
- Expert asking (from personal network)!!!

Gustavo Figueira de Paula's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. In recycling, I have skills in organic composting, polymer separation and processing and biodegradation
  2. In science, I have skills in problem decomposition, analysis, non-linear thinking and recomposition for non-trivial solutions
  3. In research, I have skills in project proposition, experimental design, experimental setup in physics, chemistry and materials
  4. In nanotecnology, I have skills in ultra-this film and nanofiber fabrication, characterization and application
  5. In materials science, I have skills on material analysis, characterization by several techniques
  6. In computer science, I have skills in system design and Visual Basic programming
  7. In electrical engineering, I have skills on impedance analysis and modelling and microcontroler application design
  8. I have skills in coffee harvesting, processing, sensorial analysis and automated analysis
  9. In engineering, I have skills on hardware/software/design system integration
  10. In chemistry, I have skills in polymer synthesis and application
  11. In chemistry, I have skills in conducting polymer synthesis, characterization and application
  12. I have skills in sensor technology, both electrochemical and optical sensors
  13. I have skills in orchid growing, micropropagation and commercialization

Gustavo Figueira de Paula's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed broad-spectrum antimicrobial coatings with color-fading attribute to warn the user of loss of effectiviness; it is water-soluble and curable (zero VOC), antistatic, clear or sligthy colored, nice to touch, odorless and kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria in few minutes. Can be applied on irregular surfaces by spraying.
  2. I developed robust sensors based on Impedance Spectroscopy to evaluate sensorial quality attributes of liquid coffee; these sensors are based on ultra-thin polymer films made by layer-by-layer self-assembly of conducting and non-conducting polymers. It is called "Electronic Tongue" (Língua Eletrônica).
  3. I have built a low-cost, USB powered, high precision thermohygrometer data-logger for indoor monitoring (like experiment room monitoring).
  4. I created an orchid seed propagation medium that is immune to bacterial or fungal contamination, allowing seed propagation to be made on non-sterile conditions.
  5. I developed a fast method to evaluate solid coffee quality in real time by optical analysis using near-infrared spectroscopy; this method allows real-time evaluation of sensorial attributes of coffee, both unroasted and roasted.
  6. I developed a water-soluble thermocromic composition which changes color continuosly from ambient to above 100 celcius degress; it can be used on optical thermometers were electrical interference is a concern.