Problem Solver

Humberto Fernandez Sitta

Humberto Fernandez Sitta

Areas Humberto Fernandez Sitta is Knowledgeable in:

Society and Human Behavior.

Techniques Humberto Fernandez Sitta Uses:

Multidisciplinary Approach, Deep Analysis, Process Analysis, Deductive Analysis, Inductive Analysis, Cartesian Method, Creative Thinking.

Humberto Fernandez Sitta's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Political Campaign
  2. Marketing
  3. Language, Translation & Interpretation
  4. Public Administration
  5. Public Policies
  6. Process Optimization
  7. Social Identity

Humberto Fernandez Sitta's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Given the confidential nature of many of my solutions, they cannot be publicly displayed in this profile, but please feel free to privately contact me if you want to learn about more of my showcases. Thanks.
  2. Crowdfunding works quite differently in each marketplace. Local entrepreneurs had a hard time understanding the crowdfunding model, and the general population was untrusting and reluctant to invest in crowdfunding projects. I developed a solution alongside with the local authorities that boosted the entrepreneur’s spirit, as well as the community’s trust in the crowdfunding model.
  3. With a quarrelsome syndicate, the local government under pressure, and many unhappy business owners due to unlicensed street vendors, I devised a solution leveraging the businessmen's ability to sustain their income that wouldn't implicate the local government and, consequently, was able to go under the syndicate's radar.