Problem Solver

Himanshu Kumar

Areas Himanshu Kumar is Knowledgeable in:

I have a great area of interest in networking specially in network communication, routers, switch configurations and troubleshooting network problems.

Techniques Himanshu Kumar Uses:

For any problem given to me firstly I design a rough idea for it. Then I deeply study on the problem and tries to find out the technologies which helps a lot to solve the problem. Then I find a possible way to discover its solution.In the mean time if it seems to take help from my seniors or any skilled one i really appreciate them.

Himanshu Kumar's Problem Solving Skills:

  2. currently persuing B.Tech Degree.
  3. Persuing Engineering in Computer Science.
  4. CISCO CCNA Certified.
  5. works on optical fibre telecommunication

Himanshu Kumar's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have designed a network architecture for LAN and WAN.
    I have configured network successfully.