Problem Solver

Hv Rao

Hv Rao
I don't believe that there are problems without solutions. It is not just enough to find some solution, one should also think about its practicability, simplicity and viability. It has been my habit to find a root cause of a problem before finding a solution so that the solution is complete and stop recurrences.

Areas Hv Rao is Knowledgeable in:

Electro mechanical, Electronics

Techniques Hv Rao Uses:

Brain storming, Data analysis, cause and effect, root cause analysis..etc

Hv Rao's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Applying simple solutions for complicated problems
  2. Brainstorm with a team to get various soutions
  3. Listening for the best ideas not only from qualified veterns but also from others even with lack of Tec. knowledge
  4. I'm a graduate Engineer in Electronics & Communications
  5. I've expierience (29 years) in Mechanical, Electrical, Controls & Instrumentation, Railway Signalling erection expierience.
  6. I've teaching skills (I take up training classes on Technical, Railways and Environmental issues)
  7. I'm a facilitator for a quality circle making the workmen use simple tools like brainstorming, graphs etc to solve problems
  8. I'm a co-ordinater for a proffessional circle through which we discuss new technologies and submit papers & PPTs
  9. I've been in charge of controls & Instrumentation laboratory maintaining all the Instruments of a Major Power Genration Co.
  10. Now I'm in-charge of maintenance of Fuel Transportation maintaining Locomotives, Wagons, Signalling, Rly Track & Communication

Hv Rao's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. As an Incharge of C&I Lab, once we faced with a challange of a governor card failure (of a 132 KV generator). The role of this generator is vital as it provides the basic power need to the whole 500 MW Power generation plant during a power grid failure. The elctronic module (Card) was from a firm in US and no spare is available as the firm was shut down. Without any circuit diagram and with the module completly immersed in an Epoxi, we needed to develop a new card in its place. I've picked up a new trainee engineer and together, we have developped a import sustitute card in about two weeks. I've rigged up a basic electro-mechanical circuit to start with and found the range of in-put and out-put requirement of the card and my friend designed a theoretical circuit. The I've matched the suitable ICs and other hard ware with the stock we had and assembled it on a general PCB. It was a huge success and its working even now after 15 years.
  2. There was a big accident in one of our sister plants where in a locomotive driver over shot a stop (RED) signal and rammed in to another goods train causing causalities. As an in-charge of maintenance of fuel transport, I was asked to review the safety standards in our plant. Since the accident was due to a human error, I wanted to find a solution to take care of this aspect. I've provided the basic and simple Idea of stopping the Rly train/goods with the available spares if it overshoots a stop (RED) Signal. We, as a team fine tuned and perfected the method and installed in all Locomotives. Now our trains will be automatically stopped if the locomotive driver overshoots a RED signal. This method was awarded with PATENT and the team was facilitated by Ministry Of Labour, Govt. Of India.
  3. Due to extreme weather conditions (Tempareture reaching 51 deg C) in Summer, we were having a number of Signalling Battery failures. I wanted to change the type of batteries from Lead-acid to Ni-Cad. I could not change it straight away as nowhere else it was done. I needed to do a lot of convincing with the higher management technically and also regarding pay-back period to get finances for this change. The batteries were changed four years back. After the change, there are no failures recorded till date.
  4. We have a couple of track hoppers to unload the fuel for our Power Plant. We had a problem of detecting the presence of a train on these hoppers as the Rly track in that area is always wet short circuiting the train detecting track-circuits. Therefore normally, it was by-passed to avoid frequent signal failures. The practice was dangerous as it can lead to accidents. I've proposed an electronic axle counter system to be commissioned in that area to over come the elec. shortage of the Track-circuits. The proposal was met with a lot of resistance as it was believed that the electronic system is a failure in other plants. After a lot of persuasion, I was able to procure and install the system. With some modifications in maintenance of the system (Poor maintenance was the cause of failure in other plants) it is running trouble free for the last 9 years.
  5. During a technical audit, we were asked to keep a person with a walki-talki round the clock, at the entrance of track hoppers to inform the complete arrival of the goods train to the controller who is about 2 Km away. This was a statutory requirement which says that the controller must be 100% sure that all wagons have arrived in to the first Track Hopper before admitting another Train in to the other track hopper. I've suggested to install a CCTV for the confirmation by the Controller, which is cheaper compared to employing people round the clock. The idea was approved and I've procured the CCTV, got it Installed in the system.
  6. During a visit by one of our Directors, I've been given the task of making an inspection car with all facilities. With hardly five days for the task, I've chosen a Simple guard-van and with an enthusiastic team who worked nonstop round the clock for three days along with me converted it in to a Luxurious Inspection Car with wall to wall carpet, built in AC, Pantry, Sofas, Excellent lighting, Inspection windows etc. (All this without any additional expenditure and with available resources). Our GM has stated that the achievement is nothing less than a miracle.
  7. We have an intermediate Railway Station which depends on State power supply. During power shortage (Which is very often during summer), there will be no light on the streets. I've procured Solar Lamps and installed on the streets to solve this problem.
  8. We are an ISO 14000 certified company and as an environmental concerned company, we can not let our waste oils from our workshop to enter in to storm drain. To over come this, I've designed a simple Oil separation pit and got it erected through our Civil department. It is proclaimed as one of the best and efficient Oil separation pits working in the plant by an external EMS Auditor.
  9. When it was difficult to follow-up the cycle time of our rakes manually, I've developed a data reporting system using D-base programming. I've developed another program to follow up Budget utilisation. Both the programs were used until SAP was introduced in th plant 3 years back.
  10. Previously our locomotives were sent to Railways for Half-yearly Overhauls paying huge amount of money. After I've taken-over, I found that though we had the skill, we lack some infrastructure to do the Overhauls departmentally. I've encouraged the technicians to develop some gigs and circuits needed for the overhauls. With out any extraordinary financial burden on the management, all the infrastructure was developed within one year. We are now overhauling two Railway locomotives per year saving a lot of down time and money.