Problem Solver

Helen Forrest

Helen Forrest

Techniques Helen Forrest Uses:

Multi-disciplinary teams using many techniques

Helen Forrest's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. The team of 25 people provides expertise in a wide range of technical disciplines.
  2. metallurgy,metals processing,surfaces and coatings technology,materials analysis,process modelling,manufacturing best practice

Helen Forrest's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Innoval Technology is an independent company. We provide high quality consultancy and technical support to the manufacturers and end-users of aluminium, and other selected engineering materials, across a broad range of industry sectors.
  2. Our clients are rolling, extrusion, forging and finishing companies, and their customers, throughout the world.
  3. Many of the Innoval team are acknowledged experts in their field and regularly present technical papers at conferences around the world. However, we don't just know the theory - far from it! Everyone at Innoval has practical experience in the aluminium industry, with most people having over 20 years experience. This means that we can really understand your issues and propose practical solutions.