Problem Solver

Hendrikwillem Van der Walt

I am a student looking for opportunities to gain experience and exposure to the industry on a professional level to prepare me for the real world outside. Therefor any problem, no matter how trivial, will receive my dedication.

Areas Hendrikwillem Van der Walt is Knowledgeable in:

Simulation Modelling
Operational Research
Industial Logistics

Hendrikwillem Van der Walt's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Facilities Planning
  2. Industrial Analysis
  3. Operations Management
  4. Manufacturing Systems
  5. Productivity
  6. Operations Research/Management Science (Linear Programming with Lingo)
  7. Simulation Modelling with Arena
  8. Industrial Economics
  9. Industrial Logistics

Hendrikwillem Van der Walt's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Being a student, my experience stretch no further than projects described by the Industrial Engineering Curriculum up to the end of my third year as a BEng (Industrial).