Problem Solver

Hermann Bischof

Hermann Bischof

Areas Hermann Bischof is Knowledgeable in:

Composite materials
Heat transmission and insulation
Manufacturing problems
Construction difficulties
In general, problems where physical phenomenon and or design and geometrical skills along imagination, intuition and first hand expirience and colaboration team work are needed for achieving a practical solution.

Techniques Hermann Bischof Uses:

Searching solutions within alternative materials; Different direction or size; Splitting the problem in pieces; Appealing to basic rules regarding materials behavior under stress, heat, pressure change, moisture, temperature change, etc.

Hermann Bischof's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Imagination applied in solving constructions problems, particularly in small tunnels constructions.
  2. Able to apply various real life experiences and physical laws to solve manufacturing and construction problems-
  3. Capable to imagine new processes or solutions, and able to find the way to make them work.
  4. Good design skills, and 3d geometry understanding.
  5. Experience with lots of materials such as Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics; Corrugated Steel Structures; Polyethylene Pipes.

Hermann Bischof's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Again, applying basic knowledge of material behavior under stress, I could solve a big problem in taking the FRP Pipes out from their mold.
  2. Applying basic hydraulic laws (but not evident or intuitive) I could find difficult to solve problems with our resin pumping equipment.
  3. I had solve many day to day problems in different production facilities, almost every time applying a solution based on a different geometric approach or understanding physics, not always evident for many machine operator or plant manager.
  4. I design and built a pipe jacking machine. With that machine we were able to dig tunnels with standard corrugated steel pipes.
  5. In the construction of small to medium tunnels in earth, and supported by steel tunnel liner plates, we had problems with the alignment. With very cheap implements, I could build an instrument able to assure the correct alignment and slope of the tunnel.
  6. I found the way to imagine and build a complete production line for Filament wind FRP Pipes.
  7. Applying continuous improvement and good team work, I achieve important efficiency gain in the new FRP Pipe production facility.