Problem Solver

Hitesh Arora

I am 38, Highly qualified, widely traveled man and will try to give you practical & economical solutions. Can ensure you Honest and sincere efforts.

Areas Hitesh Arora is Knowledgeable in:

Career isues, Attitude problems, Interview skills Questions , Mech. Engg.

Techniques Hitesh Arora Uses:

analytical,Breakinng into parts,Brain storming

Hitesh Arora's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Anchoring- Stage Handling
  3. Career Development
  4. Soft Skills
  5. Memory Enhancement
  6. Mechanical Engineering
  7. HR Practices
  8. Interview Skills
  9. Personality Development
  10. Application of Knowledge

Hitesh Arora's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Helped >2000 students in last 10 years in getting them well placed in Corporate World.
  2. handled,Hosted >50 stage shows,Official Programs and coordinated >100 Events.
  3. Guided >10000 students for selecting their career path specially Engineers.
  4. Delivered >100 lectures/Seminars/Workshops on Soft Skills
  5. Had been associated as Trainer in Memory Enhancement,Neuro linguistic Programming
  6. Faculty in Mech. Engg. for 12 yrs. Taught almost entire areas of subjects in Mech. Engg
  7. Have strong liasion with HR managers of many Corporates. Aware of best HR practices
  8. Had been a member of Panel in > 250 interviews. can tell what an interviewer is looking for
  9. Delivered many workshops on Personality Development
  10. Can relate almost every piece of information to knowledge and wisdom t higher level